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Vitamin D Miracle

The Vitamin D Miracle – What is it?

The “Sunshine Vitamin,” as it is sometimes called, is actually a hormone that our body produces naturally in our skin. Vitamin D activates over 2000 health-related genes in the human body that help regulate the immune system and other vital tissues.

Modern humans in our society today work indoors and are not out during the mid-day hours to get the proper ultra-violet rays (UVB) that produce Vitamin D.

Above the 37th parallel between mid-September and mid-April, the UV-B rays are not powerful enough to stimulate production of any vitamin D. [1] The farther north you get, the longer you will have “Vitamin D Winter.” Is it just a coincidence that flu season peaks during this time? [1] Hollis, B. The American Society for Nutritional Sciences J. Nutr. 135:317-322, February 2005. Come in to Spine Align Chiropractic to purchase your Vitamin D.

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