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Chiropractor Addresses Plantar Fasciitis Pain

1215934_sunday_half_past_ten_a_m_Here at Spine Align Chiropractic in Idaho Falls, we help chiropractic patients in many different ways, including custom orthotics for issues such as plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation to the bottom of the foot — the area known medically as the plantar fascia.
This specific area, which includes the thick heel tissue and the foot tissue beneath the toes, is part of the foot that you have to walk on every day — and when it is painfully inflamed, just the simple act of walking can be miserable.

How Orthotics Make a Difference

Our chiropractor may use several methods of chiropractic care to help with plantar fasciitis. One of the methods that some patients get pain relief from is specific types of foot taping. Such taping, often used in sports injuries, can help redistribute the weight that you place on the foot, making conditions like this more bearable.
Orthotics can also be very helpful for our patients. Custom orthotics can be added to patient’s shoes, making it much easier to bear weight on those painful heels and the balls of the feet. Each case is different, and our chiropractor can have orthotic devices created that are made especially for your foot.
Chiropractic care using soft tissue mobilization methods like the Graston technique is another possibility for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Because this condition is partially due to the buildup of scar tissue which has built up on the bottoms of the feet and has become terribly inflamed, having this deep scar tissue broken up and properly redistributed can be effective.
This is exactly the type of approach that soft tissue mobilization methods take, and it can be used alone or in combination with other solutions.┬áIf you suffer from this problem, please don’t hesitate to call our Idaho Falls chiropractor today.

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