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Idaho Falls Chiropractor Offers Orthotics, Often a Vital Part of Chiropractic Care

Aligning the spine can go far beyond the back, and Spine Align Chiropractic offers several methods to help patients achieve and maintain maximum bio-mechanical functioning and overall wellness. One of our treatment methods is orthotics, which are custom inserts placed inside the shoes to correct issues with the feet. Our Idaho Falls chiropractor Dr. Todd L. Reese and fellow chiropractor Dr. Devin P. Scoresby have experience which goes beyond spinal alignments with adjustments available for the shoulders, arms, hips, ankles and toes. To keep the feet solidly on track, custom inserts can round out a treatment plan for the lower extremities.

Inserts Help Alleviate Pain and Treat Plantar Fasciitis, Sports Injury, and Back Pain

A main goal of the inserts is to provide alignment and structure to the foot, which in turn can stabilize the foot and help alleviate pain. A sports injury may benefit from the use of an insert, as can back pain caused by an uneven walking pattern and subsequent misalignment, and conditions such as flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis, which is often marked by extreme heel pain, involves the band of tissue on the bottom of the foot known as the plantar fascia. The band can often become swollen and painful from overuse in runners, although the condition is also common in people who are carrying excess weight or habitually wear non-supportive shoes. Our custom inserts and orthotics can provide additional support the affected area and more evenly distribute pressure that was otherwise leading to agony.

In addition to kicking out pain, orthotics can be effective for improving the biomechanics of walking. Glancing at the bottom of your shoe can often illustrate an uneven walking pattern, whether it is one where excess pressure is exerted on the inner or outer portion of the foot. A foot that pronates tends to roll inward with each step and wear down the inner edge of the shoe while a gait that supinates shows wear on the outer edge of the shoe. Our Idaho Falls chiropractor offers custom inserts that provide additional support for the affected area can stabilize the foot to keep the feet moving in the proper forward motion for which they were designed.

Walking is not the only activity that can benefit from shoe inserts. A stable and supported foot can improve performance in a number of activities. Sports performance may improve, as can running and even bicycling, when the foot is the proper position to assist with the body’s proper biomechanics. Our Idaho Falls chiropractic clinic begins every treatment plan with a full exam and evaluation to determine if the spine is properly aligned and if not, why not. When the feet are to blame, our orthotics can help correct the issue and provide full functioning and ease of motion as part of an overall wellness plan

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