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Back Pain and Neck Pain

Chiropractic Care in Idaho Falls Helps with Neck Pain and Back Pain Relief

Spinal Align Chiropractic helps with neck pain and back pain symptoms and relief. Our patients who suffer from pain in the back and neck that was caused by personal injury, car accident injury or sports injury deserve to be pain-free. Our Idaho Falls chiropractor will perform a full examination so that he can pinpoint the cause of the pain and work on not only treating it, but healing the injury and eliminating the pain long term. He will use non-evasive techniques and treat your pain without the use of medication.

Chiropractic care for back pain is generally a straightforward approach involving spinal adjustment. For lower back pain our chiropractor will adjust the lower lumbar vertebrae and pelvis which helps re-establish normal motion and position of your joints and bones. In chiropractic medicine “adjustments” are specific force applied to the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns and failed ability to function normally. These adjustments are typically quick thrusts to the vertebrae to correct its position, movement or both. By adjusting the spine and moving it back into alignment these chiropractic techniques help our patients heal and get lasting pain relief in their neck and back.

Back Pain and Neck Pain from Personal Injury Requires Individualized Treatment

Back pain can be caused by personal injury such as whiplash, muscle strain, sprained ligaments, slipped or herniated discs. Stress is also a common cause of aching or throbbing in the upper and lower back. Subluxation, which is a disruption in the normal movement or position of the vertebrae resulting in inflammation and pain, is a familiar cause of debilitating back pain and neck pain. This misalignment can occur in both the neck and the back.

Other general causes for neck pain are stress, poor posture from sitting at a computer for hours or driving in traffic, and personal injury such as a car accident injury or sports injury. Pain in the neck can radiate down to the upper back through the spinal column. Chiropractic care coupled with massage therapy and physical therapy using corrective exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles will assist in alleviating pain as well as treating and correcting the injury and damage done to the nerves, tissues, ligaments and muscles.

The ultimate goal of our chiropractor is to restore the body to its natural state of optimal health. This goal is accomplished not only through chiropractic care and adjustments, but by combining therapies to give you the best treatment possible. Our Idaho Falls chiropractic clinic relieves neck and back pain for our patients by creating an individualized treatment plan for their individual needs. We will treat your injury with therapies which focus on your specific pain and injuries. If you are looking for relief in your neck pain or back pain then visit our Idaho Falls chiropractor today for excellent care and individualized treatment.


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